Sojos has prepared complete, raw meals for your pet since pioneering freeze-dried pet food in 1985.


Rebrand Sojos Pet Food so it can get its high quality, farm fresh dog and cat food products into the hands of nutrition-weary pet food parents.


Create packaging and an advertising campaign that conveys the care and quality used to prepare pet meals, treats, and other recipes.

Brand Voice

At Sojos we're approachable, personable, and trustworthy. We converse with pet parents, and prepare pet recipes the same way we would cook for ourselves.


Ingredient transparency and nutrition content is important to pet parents and must be presented clearly.

Preparation instructions need to be clear and easy to follow.

Create a color system around the proteins used in each recipe.

Show pets on our farms and kitchens to ensure they're thought at every stage from farm, to kitchen, to bowl.

Brand Elements

The new trademark establishes Sojos' pioneering freeze-dried raw pet food and their history of using ingredients sourced from real farms.

Rubik serves the clean likeness of our farms and kitchens, and Lusitania has the traditional feel of a family cookbook.

Each protein ingredient has its own color so pet parents can easily find their pet's favorite meal, mix-in, or treat.

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