A personal logo combining a diamond shaped digngbat, and the first two letters of my last name: M and Y

Why, hello there!

My name is Megan Myles, and I'm a Graphic Designer and Storyteller based in San Marcos, TX.

Fascination with storytelling came from the shows, movies and games I watched and played as a kid. I’d draw characters and pretend to be part of the detailed worlds they lived in.  As I got older, curiosity and imagination fueled how I saw the world. Nature and science inspires me to create, and every day I try to learn something new.  

To me design and storytelling are one in the same. The stories I write wouldn’t work without the worlds I’ve designed for them, and the designs I produce wouldn’t be strong if not for the stories they’re trying to tell.  

When I’m not designing or obsessing over my next novel, I’m making traditional art, going on nature walks, playing video games, or reading with a nice cup of tea.  

If you’re looking for graphic design or copywriting, please reach out so we can chat! I look forward to meeting you!

A headshot of the designer