Kingsland, TX has been a waterside vacation spot for Texans since founded  in 1901 from the ambitions of Martin D. King.


Design a brand system for a small Texas locale that combines its railroading history and modern waterside recreation.


Create deliverables that are long lasting and/or easy to reproduce, and provide informative solutions for historical sites, wildlife, and waterside attractions.

Brand Voice

Kingsland gives travelers a genuine, historic, Texan experience. All visitors are welcome, whether passing through or looking for a getaway.


The waterside is the source of appeal for most visitors, so deliverables need to be enjoyed by water goers.

Kingsland is a small locale with limited funds. Materials need to be long lasting and/or affordable and easy to reproduce.

Railroads need to be referenced throughout the system to reach river and street traffic.

Brand Elements

Colors are named after Texas staples, building materials and attractions found in Kingsland.

Rockwell's strong slabs imitate railroad ties and Neusa Next Std adds a modern touch.

Many of the boat and fishing docks fly flags, and the etching on the railway bridge would be visible from the roadway and the river below.

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