Cracker Pack's professional snackers pair people with perfect crackers with every pack.


Create a visual identity and packaging for an online cracker sample subscription service.


Use bright colors and a variety of cracker shapes across packaging and website components.

Brand Voice

Cracker Pack is fun, playful, and energetic. We make trying new snacks at home easy and fun.


Packaging needs to mix and match to hold different cracker shapes and samples together.

At least two samples need to be sent to gauge likes and dislikes, and samples' nutrition facts need to be easy to find.

Online quiz needs to collect allergy and dietary information along with personal taste preferences.

Advertisements need to appear where customers are snack searching, like cooking websites.

Brand Elements

Crisp, Biscuit, and Wafer are used on the packages’ exterior. Original, Cloves, Treat and Spice are used on package compartments to add surprise when opening a delivery.

Tondo's rounded characters complement the scalloped pattern featured throughout the system.

Professional snackers use feedback to send better crackers until you’ve found the perfect snack.

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