Argument-Driven Inquiry (ADI) creates educational supplements so students can do science and math like scientists and mathematicians.

Content & Products

Content and product design largely centers around student learning and teacher supports in the form of illustrating math and science concepts, unique-to-lab information cards, classroom posters, and instructional tools.

Online Store & Packaging

Every product created for teachers and students is hosted on ADI’s online store. Photos and mockups are made for each product and packaging is designed. Products are then categorized and tagged accordingly.

Website & Digital

Content featured online ranges from short animations, edited webinars, blog posts, set up tutorials, event calendars, blog posts, instructional help videos for teachers, and informative videos about ADI products.

Informative Graphics

Graphics and instructions are written and designed to help students and teachers set up and utilize equipment and understand science and mathematics concepts.

Images are made to accompany written content from science or math writers, following their direction to properly illustrate the concepts.

Complexity ranges from elementary to high school learners. Images are accessible for color blind and visually impaired students.

Package Design

ADI’s products consist of lab kits and paper products.

Kits are packaged in simple cardboard boxes, and originally came in simple black and white labels with only the lab title. New labels include the colors of the different lab subjects and the grade band to help teachers sort through bulk kit orders. 

Paper products like card sets and table tents had packages designed to help store and protect them when they’re not being used.

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